2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual

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2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual – The Jeep Liberty is all-new for 2008. It’s somewhat more significant and it has a smoother drive, but it keeps the durability of the earlier edition. The 2008 Liberty is entirely equipped off-road, a single of the greatest in its school.

The 2008 Jeep Liberty is 2.5 ins longer all round along with its wheelbase is 2 ” over that of its predecessor. With seriously adjusted styling, the 2008 Liberty is higher and much more angular than the 2001-2007 models, reminiscent of the lot-loved, rugged but crude 1990s Jeep Cherokee. In comparison with latest Jeep solutions such as the Patriot and Compass, the all-new 2008 Liberty is far more of a true Jeep, with off-road prowess and striking, upright style.

2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual and Concept
2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual and Concept

2008 Jeep Liberty Model and Price

The 2008 Jeep Liberty is presented in two trim levels, equally with rear- or a number of-wheel push. The models are Sport ($20,330), Sport 4WD ($21,940), Constrained ($24,515), and Constrained 4WD ($26,125). The lone engine is a 210-horsepower 3.7-liter V6. Sports models normally come with a 6-velocity guide transmission; a 4-pace automatic ($825) is optionally available for Sport and normal on Constrained.

2008 Jeep Liberty Walkaround

When Jeep launched the Liberty in 2001, it was the middle youngster of a three-vehicle lineup. Given that it’s newly designed for 2008, it’s the center child of a seven-vehicle lineup. When compared with current Jeep choices this kind of as the Patriot and Compass, even so, it is more of a real Jeep, with off-road prowess and bold, upright design.

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2008 Jeep Liberty Interior Features

Although not high quality, the new interior of the 2008 Liberty is efficient. Most car owners will delight in the higher seat placement. Head area in the entrance seat is plentiful, but the highest individuals will need far more offered a top lower-leg room. The area wall mirrors are sizeable, and the cabin has a great deal of cup, generating for okay rear visibility.

2008 Jeep Liberty Interior and Redesign
2008 Jeep Liberty Interior and Redesign

The gauges are an easy task to spot, and the handles are user-friendly. About three simple knobs handle the weather conditions capabilities, and the radio along with other vehicle handles is easy. There is a valuable cubby in the middle of the dash top rated, and mainly seize take care of is situated just above the small glove box. The center gaming system is thick and has a detachable holder on top. There is also a small plate beside the move deal with. In 4WD models, a little digital switch switches previous year’s move situation handle.

2008 Jeep Liberty Driving

The 2008 Jeep Liberty delivers pleasant driving expertise. The trip is usually the company, but the Liberty smoothes over most lumps and is never penalizing, despite having the offered 18-inches wheels.

2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual

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