2004 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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2004 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual – The Jeep Cherokee is traditional. Launched more than a ten years earlier and redesigned five years in the past, it lacks the refinement discovered in the most recent influx of SUVs. But our 2004 Cherokee drew admiring glances and responses all over the place it moved. Individuals were fawning over it. Of course, it was actually an Inferno Reddish Overland model. Granted, the 2004 models feature a new front fascia that changes and freshens the looks. The stage is men and women nonetheless really like the Cherokee although it’s been a familiar internet site for a time now.

Plus they consistently get them. Cherokee rates between the best-offering Sports utility vehicles in America. Jeep offers about 220,000 Cherokees a year. That’s a whole big bunch. Cherokee sales outrank such well-known nameplates as Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Expedition, and Durango. And the imports don’t even come close. In 4 weeks, September 2003, Jeep marketed 16,410 Cherokees, which will not really an awful fifty percent-year for the Mercedes M-Class or BMW X5. This hard disks other companies insane. The advertising individuals for each and every SUV sold in America listing Cherokee as a rival for the reason that Jeep provides so many of them.

2004 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept
2004 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept

2004 Jeep Cherokee Model and Price

Jeep has enhanced the Cherokee range to 5 various for 2004: Laredo ($27,260), Restricted ($32,190), and Overland ($37,015) continue. A new Special Edition model continues to be added along with a new Freedom Release. All come regularly with two-tire travel, but we advocate searching someplace else if you want a two-wheel-push vehicle.

2004 Jeep Cherokee Walkaround

The 2004 Jeep Cherokee will get a clean appearance with a new top fascia, new grille, and new fog light fixture look for all those models.

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Grand Cherokee is readily recognizable in a market populated with on-road Sports utility vehicles. Looking at the jailhouse grille to its squared-off wheel openings, there’s no mistaking the Cherokee for nearly anything but a Jeep. Brief top and rear overhangs play a role in its off-road capability, and also to its pulled-taught styling. Slightly round ends and a subtle bulge in the roofline modernize but tend not to detract from, a design historical past traceable to 1941 authentic.

2004 Jeep Cherokee Interior Features

The interior of the Cherokee is desirable and cozy. The Overland’s Redwood Burl timber cut is eye-catching and tastefully used (and it is wood, not plastic).

2004 Jeep Cherokee Interior and Redesign
2004 Jeep Cherokee Interior and Redesign

2004 Jeep Cherokee Driving Impressions

The Jeep Cherokee is not the most refined SUV marketed right now. Lessened-strain shock absorbers have been added for 2003, but the Grand Cherokee does not have a Lexus trip quality. It feels much more like a van.

2004 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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