2000 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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2000 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual – When we’re all older and grey they’re nonetheless gonna be offering this stuff. Jeep Cherokee is a scenario examine how long a solid design can stay practical, even if some of its factors are becoming outdated. The release of the Cherokee in 1984 assisted launch America into its remarkable romantic endeavors with a number of-door sport-utility cars. Cherokees sprouted in suburban drive-ways like mushrooms. The Cherokee Minimal – black with gold pinstriping – depicted the size of auto style.

Nowadays the Cherokee seems aged and blocky, however, its acceptance will continue to soar. Jeep offered more than 165,000 Cherokees in 1999 – more than what it really distributed the year before. The explanation: It’s challenging as nails and commences at less than $17,000. That physique can rapidly increase when you put the 6-cylinder engine, a number of wheel drive and comfort and efficiency products, even so.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Manual and Concept

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Model and Price

Jeep Cherokee will come in many forms. Two-doorway and several-front door models are available. Two engines are offered, a 4-cylinder and a six-cylinder. Two-wheel-travel and four-tire-generate models are available, although why somebody would want one particular of these with two-wheel drive escapes us. Cherokee is accessible in four trim levels: SE, Sport, Vintage, and Minimal. Each trim level creates on those beneath it.

SE models have the 2.5-liter a number of-tube engine. They range in price from the two-front door 2WD SE ($16,680) to the 4-front door 4WD SE ($19,230). SE includes blowing wind-up home windows and vinyl fabric furniture. Air-con is optional.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Walkaround

With its traditional Jeep design, the Cherokee is a familiar face. The Jeep makers extra vibrant work to the front-end for the 2000 model year, but you’ll do not have problems knowing it. Apart from the adjusted grille, this is very much the exact same Cherokee plenty of many of customers came to learn and respect in the U.S. and in international markets, as effectively. Sq, tough and sturdy.

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2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior Features

Cherokee’s interior shows its age group and arises a tiny simple in the comfort office. When the Cherokee was introduced, it absolutely was hailed as an SUV that combined mid-size handiness with the efficiency of 4 doorways. It had been tough to perceive its interior as crowded or awkward since by the standards of the working day they weren’t. Periods have altered, nevertheless. Sports utility vehicles have become magnificent station wagons. Without a major redesign, the Cherokee hasn’t stored with that pattern. More recent items place a higher concern for comfort. In comparison with them, the Cherokee steps up as fairly snug, notably in the rear seat.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior and Redesign
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior and Redesign

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Driving

Thanks to interior comfort issues and freeway journey high quality, the Cherokee doesn’t seem like the correct rig for long cruise trips. In fact, we imagine many people would dismiss the Cherokee as choppy for this credit score, and symbol it to a comparatively simple wheelbase. That might be true – as significantly as it goes. Nonetheless, this is no Explorer, a sport-utility vehicle made for folks who check this out dog breed as trendy station wagons. This is a Jeep, meaning an implicit guarantee of off-road brilliance versus contesting vehicles.

2000 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual

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